MindMendMedia, the publishing preparation company

Mind Mend Media exists since 2000, helping mental health and creative arts professionals to succeed, one person at a time.

Website: www.mindmendmedia.com

PsychArtCreativity Study Group

Psychoanalysis | Art | Creativity (PAC) is an interdisciplinary and transinstitutional study group. Meeting monthly, its membership includes psychoanalysts and psychoanalytic scholars, members of academia, artists and neuroscientists. We engage in rigorous inquiry involving the relationship between psychoanalysis, the arts, creative pursuits within the sciences, and related psychosomatic and neurobiological correlates.

Website: www.psychartcreativity.org

ArtEcoWellness™ initiative

ART-ECO-WELLNESS™ is the concept of bringing transformational and healing power to new spaces, natural and man-made, transforming already existing architectural and natural environments into spaces of personal experience and wellness.

Website: www.artecowellness.com

SELP Life Changers

SELP Life Changers™ is the Community of graduates of the Self-Expression and Leadership Program at Landmark® (April – August 2019). All SELP Life Changers™ are determined to change the world and the communities around us by redefining what’s possible, and not what needs to be fixed. We are all passionate about various causes and united by all the possibilities – of Love, Connection, Creativity, Abundance, Joy, Workability, and Leadership – just to name a few.

Website: www.selplifechangers.com

Celebrating Neurodiversity 365™

Authentic Living for All

Website: www.celebratingneurodiversity365.com

PayItForward™ Auctions for non-profits

Website: www.payitforwardauctions.org